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The return of the Butcher

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The Hotel Butcher

The Hotel Butcher

In today’s New York Times Dining section BEN PAYNTER explores the fairly new trend of learning to butcher an animal from head to tail. Paynter explains:

Hands-on classes in butchering meat, created to give diners carnal familiarity with their food, emerged as a fad in the late 2000s, one confined largely to the coasts. That has since changed, with shops in places like Chicago and Milwaukee inviting students.

As part of the hipster DIY movement, the art of butchering has replaced the age-old manly pastime of brewing your own beer.

The Hotel Butcher, Garde Manger and Carver

I recently picked a gem of a book up at an auction that harks back to the days when Butchering was held in high esteem. Written by Frank Rivers, The Hotel Butler, Garde Manger and Carver is profusely illustrated and would most likely be a fabulous present to anyone who has jumped on the Butcher wagon.

You can find this book as well as many others on my website, go ahead, check it out!

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