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Move in day @ Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair

The Docks.

It’s a comical scene down at the docks underneath the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. We are here for the 36th Annual Book Fair (if you’re in Boston, come on down…Booth 524). This is only my second Boston show but I can honestly say the process of getting your books out of your car and into the Convention Center is a priceless experience.

Union Guys.

under the Hynes Convention Center

After going through “security” you drive into a maze like corridor where no less than 5 guys are all trying to tell you where to go. Once you back up to the dock the fun begins. The rule here is you can’t take your stuff out of your car yourself, the “Union Guys” have to do it. There are at least 8 guys hanging around who are incredibly  jovial and have the “wickedest” Boston accents you will ever here. I really felt like at any moment, Mark Wahlberg was going to jump out and scream “cut”, it’s really something out of a movie.

The Elevator.

Once the 8 or 9 guys take your “crap” out of your car (picture 10 boxes and the joke “how many guys does it take……”) your handed off to another “guy” and he brings you out of the dungeon, up an elevator, and onto the Convention floor. This whole time he is chatting with us in that unbelievable accent saying something like “ah these buks rally expensive?”

on the convention floor

The weird part is, they had 8 guys putting the books onto the cart and now this one guy has to push this thing all by himself. We get half way to our booth and then another guy takes over. Once we get to the booth they unload the boxes and yet another guy comes  over to shoot the shit:

“eh, how do ya guys feel about the kindle?”

Need I say more: Priceless

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