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Occupy Wall Streets Lost Library

Where did the People’s Library go?

As reported in the New York Times on September 13th, the People’s Library that welcomed everyone at Zuccoti Park last year was confiscated and as of last week, about 2400 books are still missing.

“Nobody knows what happened to the books”

Norman Siegel, a lawyer for Occupy, told Judge George B. Daniels during a hearing on Thursday in Federal District Court in Manhattan.

The books, which Mr. Siegel valued at about $43,000, stood near the park’s northeast corner, where they were stored on shelves and inside plastic containers. Trained librarians kept track of the books, which passers-by and participants were permitted to borrow.

Here are a couple of pictures I took last fall:

The People's Library

People's Library

More Books

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One comment on “Occupy Wall Streets Lost Library

  1. bayleafbooks
    September 18, 2012

    Great photos. Sooner or later thousands of books will start showing up with the OWSL mark on the fore edge and the truth will come out – what will be law enforcements’ excuse then?

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