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Huge Rare Bookselling Chain

“Of course there aren’t a lot of huge rare book selling chains”

That would be a direct quote from Tom Congalton of Between The Covers Rare Books Inc. He was referring to an ongoing discussion on the abs_list list serve last week. One of my fellow CABS (Colorado Antiquarian Bookseller Seminar) recent attendees, Heather O’Donnall of Honey & Wax Booksellers, had a wonderful article written about her business which referred to the fact that she will be the first Rare Bookseller ever to exhibit at the Seventh Annual Brooklyn Book Festival this September 23rd. All this seems so cut and dry except for one little wrinkle: the article described her as an “indie” bookseller and that sparked some interesting comments for a couple of days.

Indie Bookseller/Big Box Bookseller

Honestly, it seemed to be a lot about nothing, semantics really, but it made me think about this business of ours; Rare Bookselling-Antiquarian Bookselling-or whatever you want to call it. Jumping back to Tom’s comment which gave me a good chance to sit back and laugh for a couple of minutes, it occurred to me that we already have a Big Box-Bookselling Chain: Book Fairs.  Think about it. Every Book Fair has the Children’s section, the New “Zine” section, the American History section, the European History section, the Asian section, the Woman’s section, …need I go on.


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