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Wanted, Dead or Alive: Used Books

Has the ABAA gotten it’s own Super Pac fund?

Is it just me or has the New York Times become the head cheerleader for the Rare/Antiquarian Book business? Has the ABAA gotten it’s own Super Pac fund? Between last months article on the Rare Book School (see my earlier blog) and the August 13th issue of the Arts section which features the one and only Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Larry McMurtry (The Last Picture Show…), walking down a long aisle in his book store, I’m officially calling for a moratorium on the declaration that the last book will soon be buried.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Larry McMurtry

In the latest New York Times article, Mr. McMurtry was in the middle of auctioning off 300,000 books of his inventory from his business Booked Up. No, he is not closing up shop, he is just whittling down his enterprise to one building which will still hold 150,000 books. Far from calling this the end of the book, Mr. McMurtry made my day when he stated, “All the controversies about the Kindle don’t have much impact on the rare book business.” That’s right, the latest obituary declaring the death of the book needs to be put on hold. For god’s sake, Tom Congalton, owner of Between the Covers, was spotted at the sale snatching up some prized stash.

Death of the Book

It is always puzzling to me when I hear people in the book business discuss the future with doom and gloom in their voices. Of all people, book sellers, should know that “of course” this is not the end of “culture”, we have the evidence right in front of us; our inventory. Just saying….

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One comment on “Wanted, Dead or Alive: Used Books

  1. MJ
    August 18, 2012

    Right on, Liz!

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